Friday 20 Jun 2008

IE team to congratulate opponent Firefox

Very nice the Internet Explorer development team at Microsoft send a cake to its opponent from Mozilla to congratulate them for the Firefox 3 released.

"Congratulations on shipping! Love, the IE team"

It prooves there is a kind of respect between the two big clans of web browsing. The Opera team might be jealous.. ;-)

Source Génération NT: Firefox 3 : 8.3 M downloads + a piece of the IE cake

The Internet Explorer developpers had already send a congratulations cake for Firefox 2, with the same cake. Since 2 years, we can notice the cake takes some colors and the IE logo becomes fat. :mrgreen:

The previous cake for FF2

During this evening, a rumor says the Mozilla developpers would like to send a cake for IE 7 shipping, with the text Congratulations for having tabs! Love from 2001, but the idea had been juged to malicious. :-p

Anyway, this is a nice attention from Microsoft employees. Congratulations for this gest. :-)

The new Firefox version has been downloaded yesterday 8 millions times in 24h, this is a new world record. A few hours after a small security hole has been discovered (from FF2) which is about to be patched. I hope the rendering engine will be upgraded too on the lag on scrolling or zooming with fixed elements.

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