Monday 30 Jun 2008

Starcraft not for 2008

Star craft 2

The Starcraft fans awaited the released of the 2d part for the end of the year, unfortunately Blizzard contradicted this rumour.

"The game development is even not at half!" :-(

However more than one year ago, Blizzard had published videos where we saw buildings and units beeing moved, attacking... what let us think the interface was operational yet.

Star craft 2 screenshot

The first Starcraft has 10 years old! Yes, there was Warcraft 3 during this time in a close style, and the famous WoW (Worlds of Warcraft) but in a very different type of game.

While waiting, you can comfort yourselves with the various large videos of Starcraft including one of 12 minutes long and one of 21 minutes, and the official site of Starcraft 2.

No released date has been announced. Let's hope it comes before Duke Nukem Forever! :mrgreen:

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