Monday 30 Jun 2008

Duke Nukem Forever, vaporware of the century

Duke Nukem 4Here's one that doesn't stop to make speak for 10 years! Duke Nukem Forever, the sequel of Duke Nukem 3D, is awaited since 1997!

It has been nominated by the magazine Wired, vaporware of the year several times between 2000 and 2006. (Details on Wikipedia Duke Nukem Forever.)

We thought the game was finaly abandonned and will never see the light, but it makes noise again recently. A video was published on december 2007 and 3D-Realms has engaged a developer for Duke 4. So...? :mrgreen:

Duke Nukem Forever: teaser 2007

Scott Miller, the 3D Realms CEO, answers in an e-mail adressed to Next-Gen: «The development is progressing. Seriously, progressing.» OK, you are on the half of the work like Starcraft 2? :-)

team takes however the mockeries with humour: “It n' there no possible joke about the duration of the development of the play has that us n' did not already hear.” ; -)

The team takes however the jokes with humour: «There is no possible joke about the development duration of the game that we didn't already hear.» ;-)

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