Friday 18 Jul 2008

Firefox 3.01 update

FirefoxA first update just comes for the now famous browser from Mozilla. Firefox 3.01 corrects some stability problems, and corrects 3 critical security warnings.

I had some crashes since my update to version 3. In particular an serious bug, on the close: Firefox disappears, but stays in memory and uses 100% of the CPU. :-( PS: This update doesn't correct totally this bug.

Firefox Mac

Unfortunately bugs deteriorating the performances on pages with fixed elements are still here (bugs 372039, 124150, 201307, 90198... on BugZilla), and worse with smooth scolling (bug 202718) and worse with zoom (bug 410963)! :-|

(I have talked of that just before the Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 shipping.)

Except that, with some practice, this Firefox 3 is nevertheless very practical, especially with the "awesome" address bar to seek in bookmarks and history.

A feature that Opera already has. ;-) I'm preparing an article on Opera, because I like more and more this browser. Its only big trouble is the lack of add-ons which are the great plus of Firefox.

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