Wednesday 9 Jul 2008

The future flat screens

The actual flat screens (LCD, TFT, plasma) all present the disadvantage to require a backlight. That disallow them to have real dark black, they still have some remanence, and the smaller weakness, a limited angle of vision.

The dream of all manufacturers and consumers is of course to have a screen with the size of a flat screen, and the image quality of a CRT (cathod ray tube).

Apple monitors

The goal seemed close with Canon and the SED screen: a flat screen where each pixel was composed with a mini-cathod ray tube. The advantages are of course to have true colors and no remanence. But troubles between the productive company Canon, Toshiba and Nano-Proprietary, lead to the end of the project in June 2008, :-( whereas the first screens would come for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Fortunately, Sony pursue the quest on a close technology the FED (Filed Emission Display). Here the cathod ray tube are replaced by electrons transmitters made of metal points, still miniaturized behind each pixel. That allow to keep the size of a flat screen.

Unfortunately the production isn't launched yet, Sony is about to buy a factory to Pioneer to build the first specimens, first for the professional market, at the end of 2009. :-|


In parallel the development of OLED screens is in progress, mainly by Sony again. The OLED has been invented by Kodak 20 years ago and derived now in PLED or PHOLED with close technology.

There, some organic light-emitting diode produce the light, so no backlight, so darker black colors and a larger angle of view.

The OLED screens are already used for short life products (mobile phones, cameras, walkmans). The recent lengthening of the duration of use makes it possible to think that OLED is ready to go in more long life products (television sets, computer screens).


Let's hope these screens will arrive quickly! Some graphists and gamers still buy CRT screens to have better performances. But they are harder and harder to find, and with 25kg for a 19 inches, it requires a solid table! ;-)

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    Kiao ( said:

    I'm impatient to watch PHOLED or FED in action! :-)

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