Saturday 30 Aug 2008

Microsoft buys Ciao


Microsoft just buy the company Greenfield Online Inc., provinding consumers statistics data and owning the sites Ciao ( and .com, .fr, .it;, .de, .se...) regrouping buyers reviews on thousand of products.

MicrosoftMicrosoft has paid $17.50 a stock, i.e. a total of $ 486 millions.

Renoncing for a while to buy Yahoo, Microsoft has decided to proceed to smaller purchases, but still to develop on the Internet.

Source Yahoo News: Microsoft buys Ciao

Personal opinion: I was a bit disappointed when I read this news, because I like Ciao and generally as soon as Microsoft touches something, it degrades... We are about to see some MSN and Windows Live everywhere on Ciao. :-/ But let us not suppose anything!

This new branch allows the firm from Redmond to get closer to consumers from several countries. Also to recover enormous databases of Ciao members, in particular containing information on their consummation habits, which is always interesting to target advertising. ;-)

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