Friday 15 Aug 2008

English version of the site

PHPPffff, I has worked hard (I need to congratulate myself!). :-) I prepared an English language version of Azur Dev computer news & web tutorials. :mrgreen:

I'm not sure "azure-dev" is very anglophone, but azure is the translation of azur, and moreover the final e is like the e of English (but undoubtedly I am the only one to see it!).

The goal is to translate only the articles which can interest the rest of the world. Some news I publish are too French. I hope that this translation will attract more visitors than the French site. Answer in a few weeks... ;-)

The difference with the French version will be the addition of a fun part, with the funny videos and the sexy pictures from my cinephile friend.

About the technique:

  • All files are common, but each language has is data-base.
  • The theme is translated with the gettext PHP extension which is already used in WordPress for the administration panel and some theme translation. This is function gettext, shorten in _ (and __ or _e specifically in WordPress).
  • The other texts are editable in the administration panel.
  • The data-base choice (English or French) is done in the wp-config.php file where I check the incoming domain (azure or

In short, the 2 sub-domains go exactly at the same place, simply PHP decide the language to send according the URL address used by the visitor.


As you can see, all is ready and works now. The biggest work is to translate all the old articles in english! :-/ (I'm currently doing this!)

I had 2 interrogations related to SEO:

  1. publish old articles on English side with their original date or the actual date? The original date replace the post in its context, but do search-engine appreciate to discover new articles with a 6 month ago date?
  2. the images are common, so use the French addresses? Is there a equivalent to the "duplicate content" for images, i.e. the same image with 2 different URL is punished by the search-engines?

Once again, I must be the only one asking this kind of questions. :-p


I has benefitted from that to modify the articles "permalinks" in withdrawing the .html I had put at the end: becomes

Yes that destroys all my old links, but I of course set a conditionnal redirection in my .htaccess. I hope this won't have too much impact. :-| I had enough of this useless .html.

So, here is the English version of the French site. I still have a lot of work to subscribe to the "digg-like" and translate articles. I will check in a few weeks if it was a good idea. :-)

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