Sunday 20 Jul 2008

AMD loses one billion, Intel wins one billion

newsIt's the second semester financial results season for the companies. Between the two CPU giant manufacturers, Intel is making much better than AMD.

AMD announces a loss worse than expected to $ 1.189 billion, and the CEO Hector Ruiz, who was already about to quit, resigns.

«This is the seventh consecutive trimester that AMD has red results, in spite of a revenue of $ 1.309 billion.» The reasons are the fight on prices on the CPU market and lower sales on video cards.

Source Tom's hardware AMD loses 1 billion $ and wins a new CEO


On the other hand Intel is getting better, it shows record results. The revenue has increased to 8 billions dollars and the profit touches $ 1.5 billion.

Good performances mainly due to CPU for laptop computer.

Via Tom's hardware One billion profit for Intel

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