Tuesday 5 Aug 2008

The best open-source projects

The famous site SourceForge just published the results of the «Community Choice Awards», rewarding the best open-source projects chosen by the members.


SourceForge is platform allowing developpers to work with others and sharing their work with the community. The website regroups actually more than 180 000 projects and nearly 2 millions members.

Among the most famous members of the site, we can notice the office suite OpenOffice.org (OOo).

Precisely, Open Office is the big winner this year, because winner in the categories "best project", "best project for the enterprise" and "best project for educators" of the Community Choice Awards.

The audio reader/video VLC wins in the multi-media category.

The code editor Notepad++ is the tool plebiscited by the programmers.

The category «best new project» is gained by Magento, a platforme of e-commerce. An alternative to famous the osCommerce?


The Community Choice Awards also have funnier named category, but finally good ideas. ;-)

«Most likely to be the next $1B acquisition» is phpMyAdmin, a data-bases management tool used by nearly all the web developers.

«Most likely to be ambiguously and baselessly accused of patent violation» is Wine. A Linux software allowing to launch Windows applications (but which is not an emulator!). Useful to all that find too hard the Linux transition!

«Most likely to get users sued by anachronistic industry associations defending dead business models» is eMule, P2P files sharing software.


Source The winners on SourceForge

A funny thing, Microsoft is the main sponsor of this open-source awards... :-) Less surprising, we can also notice Mozilla and the Linux foundation.

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