Saturday 6 Sep 2008

Pictures of Google Chrome totally naked!

This week all bloggers have followed Chrome like blind sheep and well propagated the advert for Google browser. Like the last celebrity story, they must write a post about Chrome, even to say that they won't use it. :-p

But do the sheep-bloggers who have retransmitted the news on Chrome really know what interest really the leaders of Google?

So, here is what leaders and executives at Google are interested in:


This is the price of the Google stock since 4 years, and the green line staying very calm, is the Nasdaq Composite (the mean of all US companies in technology).

Introduced in the market in 2004, the company weighs today $ 150 billions.

Surprising for some people seeing Google as a non-profit organization like the Mozilla foundation or Wikipédia... :-| but Google is a company which goal is to satisfy thousands of shareholders. In short, to make money.


And it's the company that guide most of you on the sites it judges correct. It also almost forces web creators to adapt to the referencing constraints.

What Google can already do:

  • hide some sites considered to be inadequate (anti-american, anti-buddy-Bush, anti-Google, ...),
  • make millions of sites using Feedburner RSS feeds appear with a delay on agregators,
  • follow your trace because 90% of the websites use Google ads (even more easy if you use the Google "bar" or Chrome)

In addition, some people even give to that company, which lives from advertising, their personnal data! Voluntarily. :-o E-mails, documents, visited sites, address... some informations as precious as gold in publicity.

Fortunately Google do not use them for the moment. With 6 billions of annual benefit and a growing monopoly, there is no hurry.

Be careful, this is not an anti-Google, nor anti-Chrome article, but rather anti-cheeps. :-p (I'm refering to the following blind cheeps, in other cases I'm not against cheeps!)

Try Yahoo which makes progress recently. And as browser, if you like the Webkit engine, why not use Safari? I can't remember such a din for the last Safari release. Why? Doesn't Apple deserve free publicity? :-|

In all cases, the competition is always the best consumers argument.

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3 answers at “Pictures of Google Chrome totally naked!”

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    David ( said:

    So here's already a spyware discovered in Chrome.

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