Monday 21 Jul 2008

EeeBox, a desktop eeePC


The Asus EeeBox is a very small computer, but bringing all you need: a Atom N270 CPU at 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 80 GB of storage space.

All that in a box of the size of a VHS tape (1 litre says Asus), definitely smaller and less visible on a desk than our large towers! :-D

Unfortunately, eeeBox is not arrived yet. It can only be found in Singapur: for 205€ ($300) only! It means only the case. A complete version, with a 19' screen, keyboard and mouse will be available at 330€ ($500), which is a good deal. :-) Let's hopte the price don't increase too much by crossing the seas. I would say we may have a hundred dollars more, but it's still honest.

Source: Cowcotland - EeeBox arrives...



No 3D video card, but the mini-PC is still correct to surf on the Internet, type texts, watch photos, movies...

The EeeBox can run WindowsXP, but will be available with a special adapted Linux, like the eeePC. Express Gate (a system based on a Linux Splashtop kernel) will boot in only 5 seconds. I mean, that what we can read on the box!



According to me, a very good solution for those who don't play. :-) We can also find a lot of uses:

  • it can be a second computer,
  • a safe PC in case of breakdown of the first, for those who absolutly need a computer to work,
  • a server always turned on because less noisy and consuming less power than a big tower,
  • to store and share files with other PC on a network,
  • a audio/video box in the living room to read music and movies...

I hope it will come soon. :-|

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    Kiao ( said:

    Now there are better mini-PC than eeePC. A lot of progress have been made. ;-)

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