Tuesday 12 Aug 2008

A diary in Thunderbird 3

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Sunbird is the calendar and diary application from the Mozilla foundation. It can be added as an extension to Thunderbird, under the name Lightning.

This add-on will be now directly integrated in Thunderbird.

«The team has decided to publish a version 0.9 of Lightning during the summer, which will be the last autonomous version of Lightning. The code will be then migrated on the trunk of Thunderbird, and the equivalent of the 1.0 will be published in Thunderbird 3.»

Source Geckozone: Lightning integrated in Thunderbird 3


The autonomous version of Sunbird will continue to exist and will be released in version 1 at the same time as Thunderbird 3.


I hope that will not weigh down Thunderbird too much, already not very light. :-| I had installed and tested Sunbird which is a really very practical and intuitive diary. However, I don't need it at all.

Is this to make Thunderbird closer than MS Outlook?

According to me, Sunbird and Lightning were very well as separated applications. Allowing those who need it, to install it (for the first) or to add it to Thunderbird (for the second), without disturbing those who don't need a diary.

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One answer at “A diary in Thunderbird 3”

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    Kiao (kiao.net) said:

    Mozilla copies more and more Microsoft. :-(

    Firefox 3 takes a so long time to launch, it seems to be a MS product. :-o

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