Friday 19 Sep 2008

Firefox 3: boost opening and closing

A small and simple tip to badly accelerate the launch and close of Firefox 3, and especially to avoid a crash which occurs sometimes when closing (Firefox disappears, but remains in memory taking 100% CPU). This happens in particular if the server of one of your extension is down or temporarily down. :-(

To avoid this, and see Firefox 3 opens and closes almost as quickly as Opera, you only have to disable the automatic update for add-ons.

So, you will say add-ons won't be updated then. Yes, that's true, but with the seconds gained on each opening and closing, you will save enough time to update them manually. :-p

I invite you to try, according to me you will keep that setting!

Mozilla products

This is in the menu: Tools - Options - Advanced tab - Updates sub-tab. Uncheck «installed add-ons» and «search engines».

Then, you must think to check sometimes for upgrades of your add-ons and themes. ;-) I also uncheck to verify for Firefox updates, even if it's fast. I'm anyway largely informed by other blogs when an update is available!


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