Saturday 4 Oct 2008

Nintendo DSi is coming

The new small console from Nintendo, replacing the DS, is called DSi. It was introduced Thursday in Tokyo and et it will be available in a month, on November the 1st, for 18 900 Yens ($85) in Japan. :-)

With Wii and DS, Nintendo has boosted both the company and the entire video game market. These 2 innovative consoles has increased a lot Nintendo sales since 2005.

The DS was the first console not only for gaming, and of course the first with a touch screen, which inspire new kind of games using this capacity. It will be the same with DSi and its new video features.

Nintendo DSi

What's new then is this little DSi:

  • it's 12% thinner than the DS,
  • the screen is a bit larger (3,5'),
  • it contains a camera on each side, on to film, the other to film yourself,
  • a SD card slot,
  • 512 MB of internal memory,
  • and as a major software bonus, a browser is installed.

The Wii owners often forget that it can also be a simplified Web terminal. That's why with the DSi, the browser is already installed. In Japan, Nintendo has even entered into a partnership with NTT an Internet provider. Of course the connection won't be free. :-p

Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi

I forgot: it exists in white and black. :-)

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