Friday 17 Oct 2008

IMDb is 18 years old

IMDbIMDb (Internet Movie Database) the biggest data base on movies, is 18 years old! It's obviously the oldest site on the Web, for a good reason: the first browser only appears one year later. :-o

In fact, the IMDb founder Col Needham explains that he starts publishing movie credits on the newsgroups (usenet, an other Internet protocol, older than the Web HTTP).


Today has became a enormous website, collecting data from thousands movies. From older, to those still in production, pages about actors, but also about TV series and video games. It brings 2 millions visitors a day!

IMBb was bought by Amazon in 1998, and of course some ads for Amazon appear. :-| But the site is still very useful especially if you see a lot of films, you can create lists and vote to rank movies.

So happy birthday to the grand-father of the Web. ;-)

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