Tuesday 18 Nov 2008

Britney Spears Circus on P2P

After AC/DC or others recently, it's Britney Spears' turn to have her album available in the warez world before the release date.

First on the topsites, the music quickly arrives on the P2P networks and other easy access sharing means.


After a first extract Womanizer, Circus will be released first in Honk-Kong on November 23, 2008. A world tour in 2009 should follow this studio album.

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5 answers at “Britney Spears Circus on P2P”

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    Ian R. (personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2008/12/11/britney-spears-circus) said:

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    David (azure-dev.kizone.net) said:

    It's true, but she's right. If you were her, won't you use your sex appeal? ;-)

    To be naked in Womanizer was a brilliant idea. It launches the album on the Internet. We can't blame someone for having success. :-p

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    payday loan canada said:

    Britney Spears ticked off puh-lenty of fans in Vancouver Wednesday when she abruptly left the phase throughout a concert - and stayed away for 30 minutes. The pop star performed only a few songs to her set before resigning the stage, which later headed black.

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    payday loan online said:

    The arena was too smoky for Britney. Many boos later, Spears returned, performed her ballad "Everytime" and once yet again left the stage ... more as opposed to a time before the song was finished.

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