Thursday 20 Nov 2008

Windows birthday 23 years

Yes, it's on November 20, 1985 that Microsoft released the first Windows. :-)

This first version of the leading OS was build in a year by 55 developers (only!).

Mainly based on the command line MS-DOS, Windows 1.0 brought the graphical interface and the mouse to PC owners.

Windows 1

On Apple side, we already had a graphic system with windows for 2 years. But the project, named Lisa, was a failure because of the price of the machines (10 000 $). But the Macintosh was in preparation.

About this, Apple had given Mac GUI prototypes to Microsoft since 1983 to help to create Mac software. So Steve Jobs didn't be pleased to find some Mac elements in Windows 1.0. ;-) That carried out a long legal battle between the two companies.

However, you should know that the idea of the graphical interface with a mouse and windows had not been invented by Apple, but "bought" to Xerox.


In 1984, the Macintosh has been launched with a now mythic ad.

In 1985, Steve Ballmer, actual director of Microsoft and long date Bill Gates' friend, was the actor in the TV ad for Windows 1 release.

Despite the qualities of the Mac, the PC kept its lead in the market. It grows again more with Windows 95 to 90%, and reached 95% today. :-| (3% for Mac and less than 1% for Linux.)

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