Friday 21 Nov 2008

Mickey Mouse's 80th birthday

Another birthday! With 3 days late I wish a happy birthday to the oldest mouse in the world! Mickey Mouse was born on Novembre 18, 1928 :-) date of the first Steamboat Willie release, a cartoon showing Mickey piloting a boat.


Walt Disney first had the idea of Oswald the Luckey Rabbit which he must left to his producer. Then the first short films with Mickey Mouse was mainly animated by Ub Iwerks, Walt Disney's friend.

Before the first releases, Mickey Mouse was named Mortimer Mouse. This is Disney's wife who suggested Mickey, finding it was a better name.

This was first Walt Disney himself who gave the voice to the Mickey's character. Until 1946, where Jim MacDonald replaced him, because of a chronic cough problem caused by cigarette. (Yes, smoking is bad.)


Mickey has became the leading Dysney's studios character and he is without a doubt the most famous fictional character in the world. Not so bad for a 80 years old grand-father! :-p

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