Sunday 4 Jan 2009

Instant messaging with Miranda

miranda-3Miranda is an multi-protocol instant messaging client. It (she?) allows to dialog on different network like M$N, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk and (the most interesting) Jabber.

But we can also chat on IRC, and add extensions to grab RSS feeds, e-mails or other informations.

The advantages compared to using the standard software of your network are numerous:

  • safety: by using a open-source software and less widespread, the security holes are fewer and less exploited,
  • appearence: Miranda allows to create your own theme, smileys and to personalize the chat window,
  • weight: less than 1MB in standby, 30 times less than MSN,
  • and of course all the additional functions.

There are other multi-protocol clients, some are also free, but Miranda is the most complete according to me. Its main advantage is to be fully customizable because we can add some extensions.

The consequence of these add-ons is that they grow the configuration window. I must admit that for those who panic in front of 3 check boxes, Miranda is not a good choice. On the contrary, those who like to tweak their software before using it will be happy. ;-)

Each extension adds options, which sometimes have several tabs.



By default Miranda is very light, but too simple. Some extensions are essential, especially those to inform you of the status changes of your contacts and the new message popups notification. Then one can notice Real reconnect which reconnects you in case of disconnection and Modern contact list which allows transparent themes with any shapes.


At least, once installed and configured at your taste, Miranda is splendid and very practical. :-D

miranda-1 miranda-2 miranda-3 miranda-4 miranda-5 miranda-6

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