Monday 1 Dec 2008

Animusic, musical animations

Animusic is a band composed with a musician and a graphic artist. As their name suggests they make musical animations. All their creations are available on DVD on the site, but we can find some extracts on the video sharing sites.

The first short films were made several years ago. Since that time, the 3D technologies make some progress, but my favourite is one of the firsts, named Pipe Dream.

Here's one of the latest movies, with a more electronic sound, called Starship Groove:

You can find others on the Net (for example here on Dailymotion), and some videos are available on the official website in the download part in Quicktime files with a very high quality (so high they make my computer lag!).

The musical style changes from one video to other, sometimes more rock, classical or electronic. I like especially Pogo Sticks, Fiber Bundles and Harmonic Voltage.

I hope you notice the perfect synchronization between animation and music, and the originality of the idea. :-)

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