Thursday 11 Dec 2008

Minimum requirements for any game

This is a question you often ask yourself when you want a new video game:

can I run that game? :oops:

With the site Can you run it? you can test if your computer match the minimum hardware requirements to run a game.


The utilisation is very simple: you select your game in a drop-down list, then the site sends you a small Java applet to read your configuration. You browser will ask you to confirm the execution of the applet, choose to execute, there is no danger. ;-)

Then you can read a table resuming each point:

  • CPU
  • System RAM
  • Operating system
  • Video card, and its features and driver version
  • Sound card
  • Free disk space and DVD player

So you will discover if your system is enough powerful to run the chosen game. :-)


Note that I wasn't be able to launch the test with Opera, it may be caused by Opera having an internal Java environment. In this case, the site still show you the minimum configuration, it's up to you to check.

Can you run it? is here, good game!

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