Thursday 18 Dec 2008

Refused from PayPerPost


PayPerPost is a company which offers sponsored articles to bloggers.

With some big differences from the paid posts we have in France. The articles can be very numerous, you can nearly have a entire blog fulled with sponsored posts and publish 3 per day (at the beginning)! The counterpart is the offered sums are very low ($5 to $10).

I don't know in the rest of Europe, but in France, we are paid from 30€ to 100€, for blogs like mine with 500-1000 visitors a day.

As I don't know other anglophon service, I wanted to subscribe to PayPerPost for this English version of my site.

Of course, I read the terms: no racism, no violence, no pornography, etc... And our computer blog has been rejected! :-|

The reason: some mature content.

I ask exactly why, and they explain me that the incriminated articles are the sexy hidden camera I took from a friend's blog to grow this English version.

I want you to discover the awful images which cause my blog classification in porn! (Keep the child away, be careful!)

sexy-doctor sexy-lotery

Boobs! My God this is so trash! :-o


I tried to defend my site by saying the girls in the hidden camera are never naked, they always at least wear a string, so we don't see more than on a beach (which is not forbidden to child). Then I remind that in USA, women must have their breast covered and the strongs are forbidden on the beaches... Poor guys! :mrgreen: (Note I learned that in Baywtach!)

Anyway Pay-Per-Post doesn't want to listen.


Images from movies or video games with wiolence and blood are allowed. It's OK, that doesn't harm the advertiser image. But a nearly naked girl, no way! :-/


Update: I have to censured the small photographies with boobs, Google Adsense has desactivated the diffusion of ads on the whole site because of that!
What a pornography! :D Worst puritans than PayPerPost? I don't know any advertiser that would be chocked by these photos. But maybe there is another reason... :-|

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