Saturday 10 Jan 2009

No cable with printer

cable-usbAre printers manufacturers skinflints? :evil:

It seems they prefer to force the customers to buy an USB cable separately, rather than to give one in the box, which would cost them nearly $0,01 (lower cable price on Amazon).


It's only a little word of distress because I'm in front of my brand new printer-scanner, and I can't connect it. :-( It's Saturday afternoon, must I go in the shops? Wait Monday without using my printer?

Moreover in my region, there are only short cables close to 10€ (nearly 1/4 of the printer price!). No 3 or 5m cable... I'm forced to buy it on-line again!


It's a Canon Pixma MP220, but I've read other brands don't put an USB cable too. :-/ I can say onlly one thing: why the fuck are they doing this?

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