Sunday 18 Jan 2009

Crisis to gain computers

NewsFalling profits, disastrous sales despite Christmas, layoffs... The major manufacturers are in troubles.

  • Intel announces results for the 4th quarter divided by 10 compared to the previous quarter (2.3 billion -> 230 million)!
  • AMD has fired 2,000 people and is about to get rid of 1,000 more within 3 months, the salaries of managers are reduced,
  • Seagate also announced 3000 layoffs and lower wage,
  • Google decides to abandon six services (video, notes, Jaiku...),
  • NVIDIA has suffered a fall from 40 to 50% of its sales,
  • ...


The bad news are numerous among the computer news. :-( Individuals and companies delay their investment because they fear for the future.

I wouldn't say the crisis is mainly born because of the fear of the crisis, especially via the media, but I think so. :-|

Intel had never known such a delusion. This is the first time in 20 years that the benefits of a quarter are lower than the previous one. The company did not even dare to announce previsions for 2009, arguing that the context is too uncertain.


Apparently the only good news in the weekend report: the sales of video game consoles grow up of 19% during the year, and Nintendo catch all this growth (+ $3,4 billion).

The Japanese company has increased its market share thanks to the success of the Wii and its portable console DS.


PS January 22th IBM announces better results than expected, but Microsoft joins the ambient stagnation and will suppress 5,000 employs.

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