Tuesday 27 Jan 2009

JamLegend, online Guitar Hero like, upgrades

jam-legendFor those who still don't know Jam Legend, it's a website with the principle of the famous game Guitar Hero, but online in Flash.

The main advantages are of course it's free, no need to install, and the multi-player mode. We can already play without creating an account, then you must register in order to face opponents in heroic guitar solos. :-)


As there is no guitar-like joypad, we play with the keyboard. Two modes:

  • Tap only, we press the keys 1, 2, 3... or F1, F2, F3... of our keyboard when the notes come down,
  • Tap and strum needs to press Enter to validate the chords.

The 2nd mode is difficult unless you keep your keyboard like a real rocker! :-p

jam-legend-usage jam-legend-play

The recent developments are the addition of many new titles to play, and the access to Tap only mode on all tracks; with 3 levels of difficulty, ie with 3, 4 or 5 fingers.

I still don't have the technique to play with 5 fingers. We can hardly use the thumb. :D But I'll continue my training!

It's here: Jam Legend, have fun!

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