Sunday 1 Feb 2009

French justice condemns a security website for hacking

ZatazI couldn't believe my eyes reading this story: The French justice condemns to silence.

Here is a little summary.

A reader alerted, a site specialized in computer security, after discovering a very important security hole on the server of a company. Anyone was allowed to access confidential data with a simple browser.

The writer verifies the hole and alerts the company. No reaction. He needs to send several e-mails and phone for the hole to be corrected.

Instead of thanking him, 2 month later, this company attacks Zataz in court for piracy! :-o


Going further, the Zataz's editor, Damien Bancal, loses the case in the tribunal. He's sentenced to retire the article and even accused of having hacked the FTP to write this news. Next, the company also assigns him to the criminal court for defamation in February. :-|


It's just like if you save someone from a house in flames, and he attacks you for being in his home. :mad: Pathetic.


In addition to its own legal costs, the loser was ordered as usual to pay legal fees of his opponent. Morality: If you discover a security hole, don't try to help. Honesty does not pay.

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