Wednesday 18 Feb 2009

Blackjack card counter on iPhone

How to cheat in casinos with an iPhone? An software named Blackjack Card Counter can do some miracles in a casino! :D


As the name says, this application for iPhone allows you to count the cards on a black-jack table. It was developed by an Australian, Travis Yates, and sold for only $2.49 on iTunes.


You can even use it with the iPhone screen not fully on, if you remember where to click, so it's very discrete.

Of course, to count the cards with a electronic device is fully prohibited by the law. Even to count with your head (like in Rain Man) is not appreciated by the casinos! :-p

Casino scene in Rain Man

So the control authority in Las Vegas has alerted the casinos of this tool. Some players has already been arrested in North Carolina.

The Travis Yates' application is not the only one on the market, there are some clones. A real problem for the casino managers who can't effectively control the cell phones of all players! :twisted:

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2 answers at “Blackjack card counter on iPhone”

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    Online Casino Planet ( said:

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    Blackjack Spy ( said:

    It's true that this works. I've seen it in use in casinos. BE CAREFUL! is my only warning. Using any type of device to gain an advantage at the tables is ILLEGAL!
    For more information, visit and send me an email. I've been on both sides of the table and even behind the surveillance cameras.

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