Tuesday 10 Mar 2009

Web alcohol advertising authorized in France

alcoolIn France the Évin's law of 1991 forbids alcohol ads on TV, but not on the press and on the radio.

Until now, the things were not specified in this law about the Internet.

In January 2008, the Heineken beer company was convicted of advertising for alcohol on its own website! 8O The court has preferred to keep the strict sense of the law, allowing alcohol advertising only in the print media and radio.

But things will soon change in the country of wine...


Since June 2008, a working group was updating the Évin's law. In October, Roselyne Bachelot, the health minister said that she has nothing against alcohol advertising and said it again yesterday on television.

But with some conditions: no spam nor pop-ups, not on the web sites for children, and the addition of a sanitary message («alcohol is dangerous» and such things). (Source Generation NT Alcohol: Internet will be like press and radio.)


The producers of wines and alcohol from other country can indeed place their commercials on the Internet. It's more equitable that the French companies can advertise either. :-)

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2 answers at “Web alcohol advertising authorized in France”

  1. 1
    Tin Ceiling Express (tinceilingxpress.com) said:

    The french drink so much that I don't think it's a big deal. In america I'm sure that it would be a little different. Is it illegal in america?

  2. 2
    Criminal Defense Lawyer LA said:

    How do you get in trouble for advertising your product on your own sight? Makes absolutely no sense to me. In the Us there are advertisements everywhere on alcohol, and we have stricter laws I feel.

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