Sunday 15 Mar 2009

Sextoys vending machine

Sextoys vending machineBy searching how to translate some words relative to the sex toys for a site about sextoys, I found this image quite strange.

On the Wikipedia page about sex toys, as an illustration there is a picture of a sex toys vending machine:

sextoys vending machine

With a zoom, we can see that it gives Ben Wa balls, anal bread, some lubricant, vibrant rings, and the classic flavoured condoms. :-)

Sextoys machine zoom

After a quick research, it seems that some restaurants have such machines in their toilets, for example in Zurich in Swiss (I never seen that). And it seems that the sells are the best in the ladies side. ;-)

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8 answers at “Sextoys vending machine”

  1. 1
    Tahnee Prentice ( said:

    This is definately a step forward for sexual freedom ! Hurrah !

  2. 2
    Lucy Stevens ( said:

    Would love to see more of these in local establishments. Until then i'll need to do my adult shopping online!

  3. 3
    Eden Fantasys coupon code said:

    Such Refreshing news. I hope we get to see one here. i can't wait for it, just a couple of months i guess til it gets here. Good thinking to the innovator.

  4. 4
    Adam and Eve Toys offer code said:

    What a surprising ideas! I bet this is going to be spread to different establishments as well. Wondering what were the initial reactions of the people who saw this in an establishment or toilets.

  5. Backlink from
  6. 5
    Bill ( said:

    I stumbled onto their website a while back, the machines are an expensive investment but considering how popular condom machines are these will probably do well. I guess they're a logical third way to shop if you don't want to wait for an online order or walk in to the toy store in person?

  7. 6
    Marie ( said:

    This seems like quite a good idea but can't imagine it catching on. I don't think many parents would like to see these in public toilets! I guess maybe they could be put in exclusively adult places but that would defeat the point maybe?

    Also how much product could you fit in that unit?!?!

  8. 7
    David ( said:

    I don't think children can understand what is it. But you're right it will be better in a nightclub than in a familial restaurant. ;-)
    I don't know anything else about the machine, just seen it on Wikipedia!

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