Friday 3 Apr 2009

Tree menu of your files on Windows

It's actually the use of a bug (or feature?) of Windows (95, 98, XP at least) to display a tree of your hard drives.

This is more or less convenient, depending on your habits and usual other shortcuts.

File menu

The tweak

You must use the toolbars of Windows (right click on the task bar, and toolbars). There, you choose the one named "Desktop".

This creates a shortcut bar with the icons of your desktop. By default, it will put it in the taskbar, but if it's not locked, we can move this toolbar to another edge of the screen. (For me, the task bar is on the top and the shortcut bar on the screenshot at the bottom.)


On my screenshot, you see three icons in the tree, I have actually no icon on the desktop, but these three appear necessarily.

Obviously it can be less clean if you have 800 shortcuts on your desktop! :D

But it does not make necessarily menu. You must add another toolbar, or the edge of the taskbar "cut" this Desktop toolbar, so a small arrow appears. I choose to create a "New toolbar..." by indicating a folder with shortcuts.

This is the small arrow which contains the tree. :-)


I don't know really if it's a bug or desired feature. I think to a bug, because it's documented anywhere, nor seen on official screenshots from Microsoft.

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