Thursday 9 Apr 2009

French law HADOPI rejected

NewsThe French law for "creation and Internet" supposed to protect the artists rights by giving strong punishment to the web users was rejected by the parliament. :-D

It's a surprise because the majority (political party UMP) was for the project. Hopefully, we can thank the absenteeism of our members of parliament, because on the 577 lawmakers only 36 have participate voted.

The bill is rejected with 21 votes against 15. But this is certainly only temporarily.

Everything is not lost about HADOPI. The law will be presented again at the end of the month, on April the 28th. :-( President Nicolas Sarkozy is in favor of this law, so this time he will certainly mobilize his troops to ensure the adoption of the text.


Update Hadopi was finally accepted the 28th April. But, this is not finished yet! The senators must validate the text. If they modify it, the law will be submitted again to the parliament vote.

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