Thursday 28 Feb 2008

My first MFA (Made for Adsense)

After reading a few articles about this topic, I started to create a MFA, i.e. a website with a poor content with as main goal makes visitors click on ads.

Adsense is the most profitable of my knowledge (sadly because I don't like Google a lot! cf article about Exalead) so I made a website "Made for Adsense".

As we can have a large choice of advertising formats (banner, vertical, square, text or image) we can put ads in a lot of places. In staying under the limit per page of 3.

Having seen MFA about everyday life, and as I just buy a vacuum-cleaner, I decide to go on vacuum-cleaner. Here's the result: a website on vacuum-cleaners and his little brother in french on "aspirateurs". :-)

Obviously, if you're using a ad blocker, you won't see the interest of this website. The goal is not to keep the visitors, but to make them leave by clicking on an ad.

I know I still have some progress to male, I know websites where the banners are really better integrated and we can't see they are not normal text.But it's a first step. ;-)

The problem now, is to make people come. Having a good place in search engine with a non-interesting content is not easy! Moreover the word vacuum-cleaner is vey common.I find better subject with sextoys but only in french actually. It's not vey good too, but I'm sure it's possible to have little incomes from this kind of websites.

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