Sunday 10 May 2009

Hadopi law terrifies the French Internet

The best proof, according to me, of the inefficiency of our legislative system is the small text, made mandatory in 1996, on all the video games warning against the risks related to the epilepsy. Whereas it is the light of the cathode tube TVs which can be responsible about it (and only for already predisposed people), this warning is obligatory on the video games, and not on televisions. Even on the portable consoles, which are not concerned. :-/

The French law for "Creation and Internet" Hadopi was finally accepted on April the 28th in its actual way (some modifications could still be made by the senators) after a first rejection.

We speak and write a lot about this law in France, and it's a good thing. We have a lot of unnecessary laws in France, as everywhere. That's what inevitably happens when politicians must create rules in domains don't know.

So we can really ask ourselves if it's to the members of parliament to vote for laws. They can not be competent in all domains. :-|


The law Hadopi will sanction the Net surfers on denunciations of the musics or films editors, instead of finding a true solution like the global license.

The global license was firstly evoked in the French parliament, but abandoned due to the big companies power. :-|


The goal of this law is to cut the Internet access of people being caught downloading illegally. After 2 warnings, the cut could be one year long.

The problem is that it's the music and cinema companies which are able to spy our Net transfers. There will not be any justice court intervention, unless the accused request it.

So Hadopi law already conflicts with an European rules, saying no punishment could be inflicted without a justice trial. For those who ignore it, European laws are stronger than individual county laws.


What does it means? The first one to have his Internet cut, could request to cancel this decision in the European court.

So why this law? Because the parliament wants to show the big companies they care about their survey.

But it's useless... According to me, music industry lives its final days, they are no longer necessary between the artists and the public. When you buy a CD for $20, only 1 or 2 dollars are for the musicians. More and more bands use the Internet to promote their music and sell directly. (The movies are more protected by their budget and their diffusion in theaters.)

So it's all about money, and to my point a view a waste of the time of our members of parliaments and the violation of our privacy. :-/

When a real group of experts will be contact to write laws? During the debates, our lawmakers even don't know what a firewall is. How can they speak about high level warez techniques?

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8 answers at “Hadopi law terrifies the French Internet”

  1. 1
    x said:

    What are you talking about? The law is not yet voted in the National Assembly, the vote will be on the 12th, then it will go to Senate (and if they change the law, back to the assembly).

  2. 2
    Stephane said:

    What's at stake with this law is much more than simple audio and video piracy control. The end of the Internet as we knew it is there and they just need to definitely close the doors still opened to Freedom. It goes far beyond the old Majors struggling to survive.
    That's why this law does not need to be efficient nor sound. It must and will be voted !
    They perfectly know what they are doing and don't need to be technical experts to do it. In fact, if they were, they would have to admit that what they want is shut down the Internet. Why do you think that no real independent expert has ever been invited to contribute ?
    This is simply a variable they need to set in a (geo)political + economical equation where the Internet introduced to much complexity.

    Governments already have the right to shut-down nodes of the network ... now they need to be able to deprive anyone from his right to access the net. They'll probably come-up with a "poor man's internet" offer to comply to the "human's rights" laws ... it's not really difficult by the way as nowadays ISP are so big and so few :)

    The Internet is dead, long live to the Internet !

  3. 3
    David ( said:

    Mister X, sorry, you're partially right. Some parts still need to be voted. But can it be a surprise?

    The law was mainly voted the 28th April. After that, it must go the senate, we agree, but there are a few chances they modify it. :-/

    Stephane, I hope you exaggerate, but that's a good point of view.

  4. 4
    David ( said:

    I read today the cost to execute the law will be more than 200 millions €. 8O (Source PCInpact (fr)) And a budget of only 6.7 millions € was envisaged. :D

  5. 5
    David ( said:

    No surprise, law voted with 296 "yes", against 233 "no".

  6. 6
    Stephane said:

    Cool now they can move on ...
    And hackers of the world can have fun hacking into french corporations VPNs to get french IPs ... This is soo sick!

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