Wednesday 27 May 2009

Moblin, Linux for ultraportables

Moblin is an open-source operating system designed for ultraportables and cell phones.

The OS, based on Linux, is made to handle multimedia content (videos, musics, photos) and Internet.

Intel created Moblin in 2007 for its Atom processor, and called the Linux Foundation to develop the project. The sources becoming open, all the developers can contribute to the project.


The system wants to become the most advanced Linux platform for portable computers. At first a compatibility with other CPUs to work on all portable devices, even embedded systems in vehicles.

With the dazzling expansion of ultraportables following the eeePC in early 2008, it's an important issue.


On 8 April 2009, the first meeting with the Moblin project developers stands under the auspices of the Linux Foundation at the Annual Collaboration Summit.

«Moblin is a really open platform and the best developers work already on its architecture and its development» said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. «With the Linux Foundation, a more important community can contribute to establish Moblin as the most successful Linux system for portable units».

Fifteen publishers have already pledged to develop products based on the Moblin OS.


  • If you're a C developer, you can of course join the Moblin working group, to upgrade the project or to create new software applications.
  • If you're a simple user, you can also download available software on your notebook or cell-phone and give your opinion to help the developers, share your knowledge with the rest of the community, and be the first to test recent updates.

You can reach the Moblin community here. :-)

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