Sunday 31 May 2009


Gigapanography is a neologism designating a huge image of several gigapixels, made by sticking photos of normal size.

The goal is to obtain a landscape or a great scene and to be able to zoom in to see the details.


To understand a picture is better than a thousand words. ;-) This image on the site was taken during president Barack Obama's inaugural address, in Washinton.

But it was not taken at once. It consists of 220 photos! Stuck together, they form a large image of 56,646 x 27,788 or 1.57 gigapixel (1 = 570 megapixels).


This is impressive that by zooming you can see the faces of every present person. So it can "file" millions of people at a glance. At least, a glance which can be several hours, the time to take all the photos with a special robot.


The join all these pictures is a long work to erase the imperfections near the joints. This image of Obama's speech is a second version corrected by the author.

By viewing the various compositions on the site, you could discover some "monsters", i.e. people without the top of their head, or with two heads, because they have moved between the two consecutive shots. :-)


Currently these images are made with many photos stuck together, but in the future, there will surely be cameras able to take photos of several gigapixels at once. This is not very reassuring for our private lives, already so exposed. :-|

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