Saturday 28 Nov 2009

The new Nokia Internet Tablet

Following the N770, N800 and N810, Nokia improves its Web tablet principally through integrating the functions of a cell phone.

The Nokia N900 will appear around Christmas and bad news, its price will be triple that of its predecessors: near 650€! :-o

Nokia N900


I'm the lucky owners of a Nokia N800, paid 170€, which I only blame the processor not enough powerful. Flash videos are often jerky, and multi-task is difficult. I was happy to know Nokia build a more powerful version and with the phone function (since I don't have other cell phone).

However, this small machine is useful only in case of troubleshooting. The comfort is still better on a normal size computer. But at 650€, it's expensive for a second computer! :-(


I don't think Nokia will convince many customers. Unless the N900 is sold in a bundle with telephone and Internet, such as the Apple iPhone.

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2 answers at “The new Nokia Internet Tablet”

  1. 1
    mobil uten abonnement ( said:

    What do you think of the new N97 then? I personally think it's an awesome phone. Just Looove it:-) - Ray J-

  2. 2
    Samantha J Jones ( said:

    The N900 is worth the money in my opinion. Plus with so many pay monthly deals out there, you can pick the handset up for free.

    There is no comparison between the N97 and the N900. I think they should be treated as two seperate phones as the features and apps differ between the two.

    Buying the N900 was the best mobile phone move I have made. Love it!

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