Thursday 18 Jun 2009

French law Hadopi in troubles

NewsAfter the strong defeat in front of the Constitutional Council, the high authority for the art dissemination and the rights protection on the Internet Hadopi still suffering some attacks.

The law, refined to comply with the constitution, is now only a big tool to send warnings. A big tool costing 150 millions €. :-|

First Friday, Numerama published an e-mail written by a journalist of the TV company TF1, Jérôme Bourreau, who was fired after writing to his MP. We learn that he has finally said the same things that the Constitutional Council.


Moreover it was a private correspondence, which has nothing to do with his job at TF1. But it seems that TF1 is supporting the project, and it's not authorized to «shoot against one's team».

Today, the Italian courts concluded that the IP is not a sufficient evidence to identify someone. A conclusion already done by the French court of Guingamp.

Source Numerama: IP is not a sufficient proof in Italy.


So what can Hadopi still expect? The minister Christine Albanel wants an fast court treatment, without the possibility for the supposed downloader to defend himself, and based on his IP address. But it will be easy to show in a European court that it's an insufficient evidence.

If only someone living near the Minister home could prove it by hacking her modem. :-p


By using her power on TF1, the minister seems to refuse all dialogue and stubborn in this absurd, liberticidal and costly law. The majority of web users agree to pay an additional tax to have the right to download (global license principle).

France is a democracy, the government is supposed to represent the people and not some multinational companies searching for money.

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