Monday 6 Jul 2009

LG and its largest fridge

Home Appliance division of LG Electronics is one of the main actors in the electrical industry. Trying to innovate, LG also take advantage of the ecological fashion with low consumption on its products.


Today, LG presents its new range of refrigerators, and the largest the Platinum II.


It is a two-door refrigerator, surprisingly large. The Platinum II offers a total capacity of 617 litres for a standard size. Yet it remains in the A + class power consumption. :-) You don't have to choose between capacity and size.

LG Platinium

In addition, the new LG refrigeration system includes a second evaporator. This allows operation of these two areas independently.

Other new features are present: ice, many drawers and shelves, the food is better ordered, and a Ultra Fresh tray keeps fruits and vegetables under vacuum, thus creating the ideal conditions to retain their freshness longer. :-D

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    answering services said:

    Interesting post and I really like your take on the issue. LG for me is a leading brand in electronics. Thank you so much.

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