Wednesday 8 Jul 2009

Buy a eeePC without Windows

eeePCAt the beginning one of the major innovations of the famous Asus ultra-portable, EeePC was its operating system. A version of Linux (Xandros) modified for the EeePC and its small screen.

Attracted by the success of the small computer, Microsoft has "kindly" offered a version of Windows XP, adapted to ultraportables.


For a time, EeePC were offered with either Windows or Linux, but with 10GB or 20GB hard drive to compensate the fact Linux is free.

Today, the latest EeePC with 10 inches screen (1000 series), including the last 1005HA and 1008HA are provided with Windows only. :-|


Here in France, the law requires to refund the price of any software provided with a computer. But that's not so easy... :-/

The stores can not always do that directly. Here's the information I obtained from a store to recover the cost of Windows:

You must ask to the Asus service within 7 days after the purchase and ask for a return number.

- Send the laptop with a copy of the invoice.
- Asus will verify that the license has not been activated with Microsoft. The operating system, hard drive partitions and the license sticker under the laptop will be removed.
- Once the uninstall is complete, Asus will refund the license fee to the customer and will make the computer available.

Attention : Asus France does not support the sending nor return fees. If the client wishes, Asus may return the equipment with insurance carrier, but in this case the cost will be 15€, deducted from the refund amount.

Asus does not support other operating system than the one provided. In case of problems, you will no longer receive support on your hardware.


First thought: it's very complicated, expensive in transport and the Windows XP license is OEM (no box, for new computers) so it's not very expensive (25 to 40€). It's not very interesting.

For other brands, the refund procedure is almost identical.

About eeePC, it goes against the first Asus's advertisements praising a free Linux solution and adapted to the machine. :-( Not a good evolution...

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    pet meds ( said:

    What a cute and handy notebook! I saw one at the mall today and it was selling for like $250+. A little expensive for me. But it does come with Windows OS and browser.

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