Sunday 20 Sep 2009

A lot of numbers in technology

Apple monitorsDid you know more video was uploaded to Youtube in the last two months than if ABC, NBC and CBS had been airing new content since 1948!?

Did you know 90% of the 200 billion e-mails sent every day are spam?

Did you know Nokia manufactures 13 cell phones every seconds?

Watch that video! ;-)


Video Did you know 4.0
Did you know - The 2009 Inauguration Edition


Now you know! :-)

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3 answers at “A lot of numbers in technology”

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    SEO Consultant - Technology ( said:

    oh! my god.. 90% spam emails out of 200 billion e-mails every day is really a big number. Really worried about how many people fall prey to online thefts and phishers :(

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