Tuesday 13 Oct 2009

An impressive calculator

In seeking a calculator a bit more advanced, to make calculations with parentheses, I came across this wonderful software called SpeedCrunch. Multi-platform, free and very pleasant to use, would it be the perfect calculator?

SpeedCrunch calculator under Linux


First I try other programs by searching "calculator" on the Web. In my random tests, I do not found anything really convincing.


SpeedCrunch allows to type the formula as we would write on a sheet of paper, then calculate, if needed to modify our expression, calculate something else... Very intuitive, nevertheless she can do a lot of things!

  • The formulas and results are displayed in a history like on a roll of paper,
  • we can store an unlimited number of variables,
  • we can type everything with keyboard or mouse, it supports auto-completion,
  • it has more than 50 built-in mathematical functions,
  • it manages syntax highlighting and parentheses matching...


Created by Norwegian developer, SpeedCrunch exists for Windows, MacOS and Linux. :-) Though it's not in Java, but light and fast C++.

And last but not least: SpeedCrunch is free and open-source.

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