Thursday 15 Oct 2009

HDR photography

I have told you, some time ago, about a photographic method to have monstrously large images using a robot to shot: the gigapanography. I'd like to introduce today the technique of high dynamic range images (HDR).


HDR example sea and clouds


HDR photos are made from multiple shots with different settings: basically one too dark picture, a normal one and a too clear one. Then, the computer magic happens and the picture are mixed to keep only the most visible areas of each take.

This technique allows to have areas visible in all range of lighting conditions, even with a backlight. We can then keep realistic colors, but with some more aggressive color settings like many photographers do, the effect becomes more supernatural, like a painting.


This article was also a way for me to talk about a friend website, to which I invite you to subscribe to see the wonderful pictures coming. ;-)

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2 answers at “HDR photography”

  1. 1
    housebreaking a boxer ( said:

    You should take more pictures like these and a lot higher res. There are a lot of people who do 3d modeling who would love them :)

  2. 2
    David ( said:

    The photos are on the website I talked about. This one was just a small illustration. ;-)

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