Saturday 28 Nov 2009

Apple cancel warranty for smokers

Apple logoApple refuses to repair several computers, still under warranty, for the reason their owner was a smoker. :-o

The Apple company has explained that these computers were "contaminated" by cigarette smoke and could not be repaired for "health reasons" because of risks of passive smoking on health technicians!

Source (in French) You smoke? The Apple warranty is void!


The argument of passive smoking, already controversial when the smoke and smokers are in the same room, becomes ridiculous when talking about objects that have only been exposed to smoke!

It's as if doctors refused to treat a patient because they have smoked a few hours before. Moreover with the delay of transportation, Apple technicians receive the material after many days. :-/


Some customers have tried to protest, arguing that the terms of the guarantee doesn't mention that cigarette smoke will void the warranty. What Apple answered that «nicotine was on the list of dangerous substances in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and so could not request the intervention of a technician on a computer exposed to this substance.» Incredible!

It's more seems to be unwillingness from Apple, finding an way to cancel some warranties.

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