Friday 1 Jan 2010

Computers in 2010

Bonne année 2010

Here we are on 1 January 2010, this site now exists for 2 years. :-) Since we have seen the appearance of processors with multiple cores, phones with more and more features...

On the Web, the fashion in sites design was sober and clean, today they become again heavier and flashing. Social networks have lost some appeal and the public returned to the classic information sites.

Google has expanded its system of spying on all Internet sites using its advertising.


In France, the government try to be up to date by pretending to know everything about computers. Piracy is well, even with the creation of Hadopi, this waste of 150 million €.

The "crisis" driven by the media has mainly affected the investment in technological research. The SED and OLED screens announced for late 2008, which would replace our current flat screens, have been abandoned, replaced by a fake novelty: LCD with a LED backlight. :-(

Duke Nukem Forever, awaited for 12 years, was still not released either. :-p


So then, was there some good news this year for computers? Yes anyway: use of FOSS (free, open-source) increases, Firefox and Thunderbird in the foreground. Internet Explorer remains the most used browser all versions mixed (adding IE6 + IE7 + IE8), but Firefox 3 has become the most used browser.
Then Open Office, and even the great turn to the Linux operating system has attracted the disappointed of the last Windows versions.


And now?

The future is always under the banner of "gadgets": the phone-PDA-GPS-video-MP3 player-camera-etc ... will continue to appear. Larger TV, with better resolution and more expensive, will continue to be selled like cookies. And websites will continue to add drop-down menus and Javascript, because now everyone has a fast processor and a big connection. ;-)

Then people will continue to complain that after buying their mobile and home-cinema, they can't buy some food anymore. But it's surely because of the crisis. :-p

This year, be critical of all these pseudo-new objects! Be vigilant against any scams, especially on the Net! But most importantly, pay attention to your health. :-D Happy new year!

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    Secure Web Hosting ( said:

    Considering 2010 is almost over, what can we expect in the next decade of technology? I can't even begin to imagine, especially thinking about how far it has come since 2000.

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