Sunday 30 Mar 2008

Alaplaya free games

When I started playing Fantasy Tennis, I didn't think to become so addict! :-) Alaplaya gives real games, free and online. The most popular is Fantasy Tennis.


In fact, it's possible to buy some bonus on the website, but this is not at all an obligation. We can really play for totaly free.

You can download the games on the download page on Alaplaya website. I don't kown other games, Audition and Come on Baby so I will only talk about Fantasy Tennis.

It's logically a tennis game, not realistic at all, in the cartoon-manga style, with "special shots". There's even a battle mode where tennis becomes secondary. We get bonus to minimize your opponent, send him a ball of fire or meteorits.


Our character upgrades with new clothes, racket, or we can have a new character more powerful. These objects can be buy with yellow money (we earn in playing), or with blue money (we need to buy with real money). Some stuff will be forbidden if you want to stay totaly free, but I repeat we can play for free without problem.

I will maybe try the 2 other games one day. But for now, I keep with tennis, it's very addictive! :-p

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