Tuesday 9 Mar 2010

Buying a computer or building one?

HardwareAs in all domains, in computer science there is a huge gap between the "newbies" who buy a computer in supermarkets, and the experts who will choose each component one by one. :-)

However, many shops and Web merchants offer to assemble your machine for $30 to $60. It allows you to build your custom PC. But build it yourself is even not so difficult as you may think. Each piece fits generally only in the correct location. ;-)

Finally, your machine can be much more efficient and powerful for the same price as the mounted computers.


Even in the high-end computers from famous brands (HP, Asus, Compaq, Acer...) have first price components for all the public doesn't watch: power supply unit, memory, motherboard...

Choose each piece is the guaranty to choose the best value for each element.

If you really want to buy a build computer, take a laptop, mini-desktop (like eeeBox) or an Apple, at least it avoids the large dimensions of a PC tower.


I'm going to show over a few articles, the choice of the components to build a complete computer with a budget of about $550. It will be perfect for the office (Internet, photo, audio, video, compression...) and occasional play, and exploding the performances and the warranty of a all-ready PC. :-D

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3 answers at “Buying a computer or building one?”

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    Dedicated linux server said:

    Do you think you could completely overhaul your old computer? I would hate to get rid of the basic structure, but do need to update my hard drive. I just don't know if it's going to be more cost effective to do so.

  3. 2
    Computer Repair Los Angeles said:

    My budget isn't even that high. I have been finding that you can find ones on discount sites. Do you think it's as trusting, though? I need one that will last, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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