Wednesday 31 Mar 2010

For the hard drive, it's Western Digital

HardwareActually choosing a hard drive is an easy part, since almost everyone plebiscite the SATA hard drives from Western Digital, in particular Caviar Blue.

If for the old interface (IDE) Seagate drives were quieter, they are not so good in SATA. Hitachi, IBM and especially Samsung are good alternatives.


In the Caviar range, the Blue is the compromise between performance-oriented Caviar Black and Caviar Green, (supposed to be) ecology-oriented by using less energy and making less noise.


NB: Remember to make partitions when you install your operating system. A partition for the system, not too large, keeps system files grouped at the beginning of the disk therefore faster access.

Attention, hard drives can fail without warning! For someone who uses his computer to work or even store important photos or documents, a second disk to backup is essential.

If you don't have an external disk or USB key or SD-card to duplicate everything that is precious, take two hard drives! Furthermore, it makes the installation of a second operating system (Windows, Linux) easier.

So we add to our caddie two hard drives Western Digital Caviar Blue 320GB and 16MB cache, for around $40 each. Beware, there is a version with 8MB of cache. For a equivalent price don't take it. ;-)

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