Friday 9 Apr 2010

The choice of RAM memory

HardwareChoose the RAM memory is a puzzle? Not at all!

In proceeding by elimination, we come to find THE correct memory for your computer. First go on a shop with some criteria to filter out the products.

Then, in our machine, we have a motherboard with AM3 socket (to mount an Athlon II). So we need DDR3 memory. In case of doubt, a quick Internet search will give you the type of memory to associate with your processor. ;-)


You will still have to make an easy decision: one or two memory modules?

Two modules will be faster because they can operate simultaneously. But take a single RAM allows to add a second in some time, so to pay it later.

We are rich, therefore we will directly buy 2 good brand RAM elements: OCZ, Crucial or G-Skill. Corsair is known but too expensive. 2GB or 4GB in total, depending on your needs in memory (complex imaging and video processing take a lot of memory...).

So 2 times 1GB or 2GB (depending on your budget and your needs) of OCZ DDR3 PC10666 or 12800 Gold or Platinum Edition. The second is not necessarily more expensive, it's faster but also makes a bit more heat.
Why PC10600 or 12800? Because the price difference with smaller is little, and after the gap is too big. So this is a good price / performance ratio and close to the maximum that can manage our motherboard.


There is still 6 possible options depending on your wallet for this OCZ memory: 2 or 4GB, 10666 or 12800, Gold or Platinum.

The difference in usage will be negligible, so we start with the cheapest: OCZ 2x1Go PC10666 Platinum Edition ($60).

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