Sunday 11 Apr 2010

Complete assembled computer

We here at the end of hardware choices of all needed parts for our PC:


so a total of $365 for case without peripheral device.


To continue we could choose optional devices or items:

  • a DVD burner, we find major brands at less than $25,
  • a keyboard (a little thin Labtec (Logitech brands) costs $6, no need to get more expensive!)
  • a mouse, Logitech of course. If you're not difficult, B110 costs $8, more solid the M500 with 5 buttons and a notched wheel is perfect for the office and the game ($35),
  • a mousepad, not ignore it! Count $16 for a Nova Winner 3, probably the best value for money. There are cheaper, but they must be cleaned and changed more often... ;-)

Rheobus Lian li TR-5BWe could also add a rheobus, which is a small box to put in a CD or floppy disk location that is used to view and modify the fan speeds and computer temperatures. This allows more silence and it's cool. :-) NZXT Sentry 2 Touch Screen costs $30 or Lian Li TR-5B at $35 for example, but I have not studied this choice.

And of course a screen. But then, this should be the subject of another article, however I have not studied to buy a screen recently. I don't know the news, but I know there is good brands' 20 inches screens (Viewsonic, Fujitsu, LG...) for less than $100.

Here again to choose a brand is very important and economic because you will keep your equipment for a longer time for a negligible extra cost.


You can also add the installation of all these parts by the store. A service billed between $30 and $50. Or try to find a good assembler in your neighborhood.

So a grand total of $530 for the whole computer, or $580 in taking some extra pieces I have indicated more expensive. And then I challenge you to find a ready computer with this performance and this level of quality at this price!

The power supply is guaranteed for 7 years, the memory lifetime, other parts are mostly guaranteed for 3 years. :-)


This machine will be largely sufficient for the average user. There's only for the players that we have to consider purchasing a more powerful video card

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