Friday 16 Apr 2010

Majors overestimate the cost of piracy

NewsEveryone knows that already, music and cinematographic industries over-estimate the shortfall caused by the illegal downloading.

It is of course obvious that a pirate having 3000 MP3 or 500 DivX/Xvid would not have bought them.


However, in France saddened by the large tears of the majors, the government created the HADOPI law whose uselessness and cost are now known.

But this time, game is over for the majors! :-p The GAO (Government Accountability Office in USA) estimates that they would have largely overestimated the losses due to downloading of musical and cinematographic contents.

Source Clubic: Music majors have overestimated the damage of downloading

The Government Accountability Office contradicts the assumptions according these industries would be in a bad time only because of the "piracy".

The American authority explains why the costs generated by the downloading advanced by the Majors "is not verifiable". In his report [...] The GAO advances clearly that the method of calculating which estimate that a illegally downloaded file is as much lost money for the economy is false. On the contrary, this money would be reinjected in other sectors.


Here in France, we already knew that no computer security company had been consulted to write the HADOPI law, even if create an organization spending 400 € million per day however asks for a minimum of expertise. This time, a public agency confirms the thought of most Net surfers: even the utility of this kind of law is debatable.


Moreover, the countries had tested anti-piracy systems, dissuaded the users to download only during the first weeks.
And finally, if the record and films sales fell in store, they know a spectacular progression in legal downloading. The producers who knew to evolve with the market always gain as much money. ;-)

The study of GAO brings an additional brick to the building of anti-HADOPI. Let's hope that our parliament recognize its error and that this masquerade will stop one day.

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